Indonesian media quoted Rear Admiral YudoMargono, Commander of Joint Defense Regional Commands I, as saying that sixcoast guard ships and one marine surveillance vessel of China were found toescort this country’s fishing boat operating illegally in Indonesia’s EEZ.

Indonesia sent naval ships KRI Usman Harun-359,KRI Jhon Lie-358 and KRI Karel Satsuitubun-356 to drive the Chinese vesselsaway from its EEZ.

In a press statement after joining an aerialreconnaissance of the Indonesian Air Force on January 11, Margono said if theChinese fishing vessels remain in the Indonesian EEZ, they would be apprehendedand tried in court. 

He urged not to let the Indonesia-China relationship get disrupted by the Chinese fishing vessels' illegal activities.


President Joko Widodo has ordered the Indonesianauthorities to take stern action against those violating the Indonesian EEZ, headded.

Diplomatic tensions between Jakarta and Beijinghave lasted for the past two weeks after China’s marine surveillance vesselsescorted tens of ship trespassing Indonesia’s EEZ in the waters off the coastof Natuna Islands.

President Widodo visited Natuna on January 8 andaffirmed the country’s sovereignty over the islands./.VNA