"Sen Dolta" in Khmer tongue means "worshiping the ancestors". This is the second largest traditional festival of the Khmer people in the South after the Chol Chnam Thmay festival. Every year, the Khmer people organize the Sen Dolta festival to express their gratitude to Mrs. “Cha Dol” and Mr. “Cha Ta”.

According to the customs of the Khmer people in the southern region, every year, from the 15th to the 30th of the 8th lunar month, the King of Hell absolves the dead. These hungry souls, after leaving hell, come to temples to enjoy offerings of their descendants. 


During the Sen Dolta holiday, Khmer people bring delicious food and cakes to the temple and ask the monks to prayer for the salvation of the souls of their deceased relatives. 

According to the Khmer custom, the traditional Sen Dolta festival lasts about two weeks, when the field work is done. There are four main rituals held at the pagoda and at home, including Banh can banh, Banh Sen Dolta, Banh phchum ball and Banh chuônh Dolta.

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Khmer-style crepe in Tra Vinh

Khmer-style crepe in Tra Vinh

The Khmer-style crepe is a favorite sweet in some localities in the Mekong Delta, especially Tra Vinh Province.