September 26, 2019 marks 30 years Vietnam withdrew the last of its voluntary troops from Cambodia. Over the past three decades, many Vietnamese women officers have volunteered to work in Cambodia, contributing significantly to the reconstruction and development of the country.

Along with the development of bilateral relations, Vietnamese and Cambodian women have had a close relationship for a long time.


When the Cambodian Women's Union for Peace and Development was established in 1979, the relationship between women of the two countries became closer, especially after the fall of Pol Pot’s genocidal regime.

The Vietnam Women's Union has sent experts to Cambodia to help restore the women's movement and strengthen its organisation. 

Despite many difficulties, experts from the Vietnam Women's Union helped Cambodian women develop women’s association at all levels. The solidarity and close relationship of women of the two countries has been confirmed and deepened over time.

Since its liberation over the past four decades, Cambodia has achieved significant development. Cambodian people are living happily, but they do not forget the heartfelt help, the sacrifice that cannot be fully described in the words of Vietnamese people. The two women’s unions of the two countries have contributed to further strengthen the bilateral ties.-VNA