Inside the museum 


Their names, biographies andbelongings are showcased on a shelf in the museum.

According to the Russian newsagency Sputnik, they also joined a legendary parade at the Red Square onNovember 7, 1941, ousting the German fascist troops from the capital in thewinter of 1941-1942, thus opening up a new chapter in the Second World War.

The identification of their nameswas the result of a long-time search by Russian historians and war veterans,members of the Soviet Union – Vietnam Friendship Association and reporters fromMoscow radio station, now known as Sputnik.

Since 1985, hundreds of articles praisingVietnamese Soviet army soldiers have been published on Russian media. Theirdedication was also featured via documentaries, photo exhibitions and livetelevision programmes.

The five martyrs were alsoposthumously awarded with the first-class Orders of Patriotic War of Russia in1985 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its victory overGerman fascism.-VNA