Performance of Vietnamese traditional dress "Ao dai" at the festival 


The annual event, the second of its kind, wasjointly held by the embassies of Asian countries in Slovakia, including India,Indonesia, Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, and Vietnam, on August 2-3.

It featured cultural diversity of nations andhelped strengthen their mutual understanding, friendship and connection.

During the Asian Weekend 2019, the Vietnamesecommunity performed traditional dances of ethnic people from different regionsof Vietnam, which received big applause from visitors.

Popular destinations in Vietnam, especiallythose recognised as world’s natural heritage sites, were also introduced at theevent such as Hoi An ancient town and My Son sanctuary in central Quang Namprovince, Ha Long Bay in northwestern Quang Ninh province, and Phong Nha andSon Doong caves in central Quang Binh province.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador to SlovakiaDuong Trong Minh, the event created an excellent opportunity for Vietnam topromote its culture, tourism and cuisine to locals and foreign visitors.

While sharing hisimpression on Vietnamese dishes, Viktor Borecky, a local in Bratislava, said heknows Vietnamese food through his Vietnamese friends. 

He added that like many other Slovakians, he isvery fond of Vietnamese food because they are delicious.

Slovakian Deputy Ministerof Foreign Affairs František Rúžička highlighted the long-standing friendshipbetween Vietnam and Slovakia, in an interview granted to Vietnam News Agency.

He said the Vietnamesecommunity in Slovakia has promoted their role in enhancing the traditionalfriendship and mutual understanding through cultural activities and foodexchanges.

The overseas Vietnamese in Slovakia have alsocontributed to the host’s economic development, he added.

The Asian Weekend was first held in 2018 andreceived warm response from Asian diplomatic representative offices in Slovakiawith the aim of promoting cultural exchanges between countries and localpeople.-VNA