An aerial view of Fukuoka city (Photo: Japan Travel)


At the July 4 event, a committee,comprising of 18 members, was set up to launch communication works and compiledocuments in order to make preparations for the founding of the association in thefuture.

There are about 33,000 Vietnamesepeople living in Kyushu, which is famous for its automobile, chemicals,semiconducting and metal processing industries, and the number is projected torise in the coming time.

They often face language and cultural barriers, work pressure, and naturaldisasters, among others. Therefore, the Vietnamese association in Fukuoka ishoped to connect and support each individual while fostering the Vietnam-Japanrelations.

Currently, more than 300,000 Vietnamese people are living, working, and studyingin Japan. Previously, Vietnamese associations were set up in other Japaneselocalities such as Aichi and Hokkaido. –VNA