The team of the Vietnamese community in Hungary


The tournament was organised in the round-robinformat. Each team of the five squads played a total of four matches.

The team of the Vietnamese community in theCzech Republic won the championship thanks to their outstanding technicalskills and physical strength.

They were followed by the squads from theVietnamese communities in Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

Meanwhile, the 20th Open Golden Racket tennistournament was held in Prague, the Czech Republic from August 17-18.

The association of Vietnamese people in theCzech Republic and the Union of Vietnamese Associations in Europe sponsored theevent.

This is one of the annual biggest sportactivities in the Czech Republic to strengthen friendship and connectionbetween Vietnamese in the country and Europe in general.

More than 200 tennis players from over 20 clubsof the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine and Vietnamcompeted at the event.-VNA