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The beautiful site of Dragon Fin Cape. — Photo

The scenery has a mysterious wild beauty that leaves visitors a wanting to explore every nook and cranny on offer. The cape forms a rocky mountain in Tan Phung Village of My Tho Commune in Phu My District, located about 70km from Quy Nhon City to the north, about 20km from Phu My Town.

As you reach the end of the village, Dragon Fin Cape appears majestic surrounded by crystal clear blue waters.

Arriving at Tan Phung on a peaceful day just before the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, our first feelings were of the whistling of the wind, the salty taste of the sea and the strong smell of dried fish wafting from the shacks of local fishermen’s houses.

The people here mainly live off fishing. As the most abundant fishing waters in the region, the Tan Phung sea is always crowded with large and small fishing boats.

Legend has it that the mountain was once a giant block that had the shape of a fish's fin. People thought it looked like it had dragon scales and called it "Dragon Scale Rock".

Cao Bien, a general at that time, felt that the mountain had much spiritual energy, so cast a spell to cut off the dragon's scales to eliminate any evil. When slashing the scales, the dragon's blood poured down, falling onto the many small ochre stones mixed in the nearby sandbanks.

If you walk on the sand, there are times when you see the vermillion stones, which are said to contain the blood of the dragon.

Binh Dinh travel
 A corner of the beach with moored boats viewed from Dragon Fin Cape. — Photo

Seen from afar, the cape stands proud as an indomitable rock amid the vast ocean waves. The dragon seems to want to escape its captivity, craning forward to the sea. Waves crashing into the cliffs form white foam that looks like the dragon's mouth is spewing water.

We climbed to the highest point of the mountain, enjoying the panoramic view of the sea. The fishing boats were busy in and out, sailing between the undulating rocky ridges that overlap with each other, while the white sandy beach stretched out, with green trees planted along the shore. We felt relaxed, comfortable, immersed in nature.


Right at the foot of the mountain, there is a beautiful arcing beach. It has pure white sand dunes, with cool blue water where you can see through to the bottom.

In the winter, it is an ideal place for windsurfing for those who love such adventure.

Binh Dinh travel
Vung Moi Lighthouse is just off Tan Phung Village, My Tho Commune, Phu My District, Binh Dinh Province. — Photo

After a pleasurable swim, we continued to conquer Vung Moi Lighthouse, also located in Tan Phung. This lighthouse was built during the French colonial period on Vung Moi Bay, with a light tower 16m high, built of dark grey stone. The height of the light centre above sea level is 62m. To get to the lighthouse, you must go down a narrow path with high, sloping steps.

From the lighthouse downward, we saw large and small rocks welcoming the white waves. This was at Bai Ban, a sandy beach marked with unusual rocks of pristine beauty. Walking, and then immersing ourselves in the deep blue water, diving to see the many fish among the coral reef, we felt revived and renewed.

Of course, going to Dragon Fin Cape we wanted to enjoy the rich choice of seafood such as shrimp, fish, squid and, especially, huỳnh đế crab and sea urchin. By going to Tan Phung Village and exploring the market here, we could see and enjoy the vast array of seafood caught fresh every day.

Binh Dinh travel
Huynh De crab is a specialty with high economic value of Binh Dinh. — Photo

With the blue sky, white clouds, golden sunshine, long white sand beaches and beautiful mountain scenery, Dragon Fin Cape is a pitch-perfect place for tourists to wander through and discover at their leisure. There is even an annual fish worshipping festival in May, with exciting water sports such as boat racing and diving.

The terrain here is a wonderful combination of mountains and sea, ideal for making visitors forget the chaos of the city and immersing themselves in the hidden, magnificent beauty of the legendary Dragon Fin Cape.

Source: Vietnam News

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