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The launching ceremony

Accordingly, Hahalolo has all the basic functions that allow users to easily make friends, communicate online, and interact with each other through the features of posts, comments and emotional expressions.

By integrating Online Travel Agent and E-Commerce, Hahalolo becomes an intermediary between travel enthusiasts as well as between suppliers of tourism services and retailers with customers, opening a large space to learn, connect and share interesting and useful information about tourism.

The tourism social network runs on the web address www.hahalolo.com and App Hahalolo on the iOS and Android app stores.


Hahalolo’s experts will continue to improve the system and research and apply new technologies aiming to provide sufficient features to meet users’ demands.

Initiated in 2014, the Hahalolo startup project began its pilot operation in October 2018. Up until now, Hahalolo has covered valueable information on tens of thousands of hotels in Vietnam; hundreds of thousands of luxury hotels, villas, and apartments in 10 Southeast Asian countries, the Republic of Korea, Japan and nearly 10 European countries with advanced tourism; hundreds of tour operators in Vietnam; as well as shopping, dining and entertainment venues throughout the country.

According to Nguyen Van Ha, General Director of the Hahalolo Tourism Social Network JSC, Hahalolo currently has 500,000 user accounts, and is eyeing to reach two billion users by 2024 as well as listed on the international stock exchange.

Nhan Dan