On a large area, hundreds of buffalos from various districts in Lao Cai Province (such as Bac Ha and Muong Khuong) and remote districts in Ha Giang Province, are bought and sold at the market.

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The Can Cau buffalo market opens every Saturday morning.

Examining buffalos carefully before settling prices.

Can Cau is a big buffalo market in the northern mountainous region.

Sellers and buyers trade a buffalo successfully.


Giang A Cho (right), a trader from Muong Khuong District, purchases a buffalo at a price of VND21 million.

The market is imbued with unique cultural identities of the Si Ma Cai mountainous region.

After the market ends.

Anh Quan (Nhan Dan)

Buffalo worship of Lu ethnic group

Buffalo worship of Lu ethnic group

“Mo khoăn khoai” is a ceremony of the Lu ethnic group in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau to honor buffalos, a very important animal to famers.