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More than 4,000 Asian openbills, an endangered species in Vietnam, have been foraging for food near Dam River in Quang Nam Province’s Tam Ky Town. VNA/VNS Photo

The bird, whose scientific name is Anatomus oscitans, is listed in Vietnam's Red Book. They recently began visiting to forage at Dam River, which is located about four kilometers from the center of Tam Ky Town.

The best time to see the bird is in the morning when the Asian openbills look for yellow snails, frogs, crabs and large insects along the river or surrounding rice fields. Yellow snails destroy local rice crops, but they are a favorite food of Asian openbills.


The bird has a 10-cm beak and its feet are red and about 20 cm long each. Boasting a large wing span, an Asian openbill typically weighs over one kg.

The best way to explore Dam River is by boat, which will cost VND200,000 (US$8.6) per vessel, which can carry four to 10 people.  VNS

Man dedicates his life to protecting wild birds

Man dedicates his life to protecting wild birds

While it is said that “land is as precious as gold”, a 74-year-old farmer has decided to leave 20,000sq.m of land alone to give storks a home to nest and lay eggs.