The tunnels were built after 1947 under local houses. At first, there were only a few caves that are 4.5 metres long and wide enough for one person. Afterwards, they were expanded into complicated tunnels that connected Loc Hoa Hamet to Binh Long, Binh Dong, Binh Hung Hoa and Go Dau hamlets.

The final tunnels are four metres deep in the ground and have two levels. The height of the tunnels is just one metre and 80 centimetres wide.

According to the managers, there is a bulkhead every 20 metres so that the soldiers could camouflage the entrance and prevent enemies from exploring the system.

Phu Tho Hoa Tunnels are not large and complicated like the Cu Chi Tunnels but were one of the first underground military bases in HCM City. In 1996, it is recognised as a national historic monument and started attracting visitors.

However, due to lack of preservation, the tunnels have been damaged. The management board of Phu Tho Hoa Tunnels is still trying to research and rebuild the tunnels in order to turn them into a tourist attraction.

Some photos of the tunnels: