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A bowl of jellyfish noodle soup

Jellyfish is a healthy ingredient containing many nutrients. This marine coelenterate is also the main ingredient of many other dishes. Yet the most well-known is arguably jellyfish noodle soup. Those who have tasted the dish will never forget its special flavor. 

To have the true jellyfish noodle soup, local cooks will select sua chan (foot jellyfish) as flesh of the jellyfish is crunchier than other kinds. The best white jellyfish can be found in late spring and early summer.

The broth decides the deliciousness of jellyfish noodle soup. The thick soup made by boiling fish bones and shrimps. Annatto seed oil will be added to the broth to make it have an eye-catching look.


The jellyfish noodle soup is better served hot. Rice noodles will be parboiled first. Then, slices of jellyfish will be put in a bowl full of rice noodles before the hot broth is added to the bowl. Herbs and slices of chilies are also indispensable.

A bowl of jellyfish noodle soup emits the pleasant sea smell that enchants food lovers. Moreover, diners can experience the flavor of the crunchy slices of jellyfish and the sweetness of the fish paste.

The specialty can be found in many eateries in Saigon’s districts 3, 7, Binh Tan, Go Vap and Binh Thanh. SGT

Lam Nhu

84-year-old woman has sold soup on Saigon’s pavement for 50 years

84-year-old woman has sold soup on Saigon’s pavement for 50 years

When she was young, she carried her porridge pot on the shoulders, and walked through alleys to make a living.