According to a document sent to the local authorities and departments, the provincial government has received many requests for guidance on investing in agricultural tourism.

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A tea farm in the hilly city of Dalat in Lam Dong Province

Some of the businesses interested are Fresh Dalat Travel Service, Dalat Ong Vang and Dalat Flowers and Vegetables.

However, as agricultural tourism is novel, there are no regulations and specific guidelines on related issues such as construction planning, land use planning and criteria to develop projects.


As a result, for now, Lam Dong Province will not consider such projects and will ask agricultural tourism sites to stop their work until the province makes a decision.

The provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has been asked to work with relevant units to review and report on the current status of agricultural tourism projects.

Agricultural tourism and farms open to tourists have thrived in Lam Dong Province over the past few years. Many travel firms have operated tours to such sites and promoted agricultural tourism as a distinctive feature of the province.

Lam Dong Province approved a pilot scheme in 2015 to develop agricultural tourism sites. The tourism department then organized a training session for the staff working at the sites and recognized some facilities as agricultural tourism sites.


A Da Lat in the central region

A Da Lat in the central region

Tay Giang District in Quang Nam Province is dubbed a version of Dalat City in the central region due to its all-year-round cool climate