The local there have made efforts to bring a more beautiful appearance to attract more visitors to the villages.

Seen from a distance, Lai Chai I stands out against the green forests and mountain peaks with small houses of H’mong ethnic people.

The village is home to 36 households, who are all H’mong people. The locals have well preserved their traditional time-honoured culture.

Colourful flowers boast their beauty on both sides of the road leading to the village.

The entrance gate of each house in the village is creatively designed and decorated by the house’s owners.


Some families strung pine cones and wild fruit together while others utilise bamboo tubes to create unique handicraft products on their gatehouses.

The village creates a good impression on visitors thanks to joint efforts made by villagers.

A corner displaying production tools and daily utensils of locales

Thousands of pots of orchids are set up along roads across the village

Thanks to its indigenous cultural identities and the villagers’ creative way to develop community-based tourism, Lao Chai I has become an attractive destination on the tourist map of Vietnam’s northern region.

Dang Anh/Cong Tuyen

Nhan Dan