to stimulate tourism, and submit it to the prime minister prior to June 20.

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Guests at a resort in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet City. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has asked some ministries and relevant agencies to propose a summer and national holiday plan to stimulate tourism – PHOTO: DAO LOAN

In previous years, travel firms always did good business during the summer vacation when a large number of families went on holiday. However, as the coronavirus pandemic led to the extension of the school break after the Lunar New Year holiday, many schools have proposed shortening the summer holiday this year.

In HCMC, for example, some schools will allow students to take only two weeks off for their summer vacation.

Many travel firms have voiced their concerns, stressing that they might fail to deploy tourism promotion programs aimed at making up for the losses they suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


As such, several proposals to extend the summer vacation and the upcoming national holidays have been raised at recent tourism conferences.

The tourism sector is considered one of Vietnam’s main industries, with a 9.2% contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product.

The country has over 40,000 active tourism firms, which have created some 4.5 million jobs. SGT

Dao Loan

Facebook, MPI join hands in tourism promotion

Facebook, MPI join hands in tourism promotion

The Ministry of Planning and Investment and Facebook have jointly launched the "Proud Vietnam" project, including the "Immense Vietnam" music video, which aims to promote the country’s tourism.

Future looks bleak for HCMC’s tourism industry

Future looks bleak for HCMC’s tourism industry

Despite HCMC being considered the country's tourist hub, its tourism industry reported losses of trillions of Vietnamese dong due to the coronavirus pandemic,