Lan Ha Bay was once called a "forgotten paradise"; however, it has surprised people who love travelling and nature.

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An impressive corner of Lan Ha Bay, one of the most beautiful of its kind in the world (Photo: TheLEADER)

Foreign visitors enjoying the beautiful scenery in the bay by wooden boat. (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM).

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio on June 29 posted a one-minute video clip about the bay on his Instagram page. He likened this place to a paradise and called for visitors to pay great attention to limiting any harm to the environment here.

His video post has garnered over 1.5 million likes. Many viewers expressed their amazement and even asked how to get to this true paradise.

The images in the video clip of Lan Ha Bay posted on Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram page have attracted the attention of a large number of fans.

It takes only around 90 minutes to Pha Got harbour in Hai Phong City on the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway. After that, tourists can go to the centre of Cat Ba island in around 20 minutes by ferry and then take a small boat, speedboat or even luxury cruises to Lan Ha Bay.

If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of an ocean from above, you can sit on Cat Hai – Phu Long cable car line, which boasts the highest track rope in the world, from Pha Got harbour.

Cat Hai-Phu Long cable car station is an popular place for visitors to take photos. (Photo: SUNWORLD)

Recently recognised as a member of the Beautiful Bay Club Association, Lan Ha Bay, which is located in Cat Ba World Biosphere Reserve, is a very quiet bay with around 400 large and small islands. Nearly 400 limestone islands in the bay are covered with natural green vegetation.

A leisurely visit to Lan Ha Bay on a cruise is an unforgettable way to relax. (Photo: TheLEADER)

One very interesting activity for tourists is to enjoy the pristine beauty of Lan Ha Bay by kayak.

A corner of a kayak station in the bay (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM)

Visitors kayaking by themselves in Lan Ha Bay (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM)

The bay consists of 139 small, clean and pristine natural sand beaches, which are interspersed between two blocks of mountains. With a calm and clear sea, the beaches are very safe for children.


A small beach with pure, clean water in the bay (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM)

If staying overnight on Nam Cat island in Lan Ha Bay, visitors will be attracted by experiences such as finding clams and cockles on the sand beaches.

Visitors kayaking around the island and raking sands to find cockles.

A bowl of boiled cockles found by visitors.

It will be an unforgettable experience if the guests are lucky to see the phosphorus sea creatures under the sea while you kayak, swim or spend the night on floating rafts or cruises.

Phosphorous sea creatures (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM)

Cai Beo floating fishing village, recognised as the largest of its kind in the Southeast Asia, appeared in the actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s video. Visitors can learn about aquaculture and the special life of the local fishermen.

Nam Cat island with its pristine beauty (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM)

People who like archeology and history can visit Viet Hai fishing village beside Lan Ha Bay. Located separate from the mainland and surrounded by the high mountains and forests of Cat Ba national park, Viet Hai is an ancient village that has preserved its traditional beauty.

Riding bicycles in Cat Ba national park to enjoy the fresh air of the primeval forest (Photo: TheLEADER)

Visitors can see many wildlife animals in the national park (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM)

Riding bicycles or taking an electric car to enjoy a pristine and pure space, trekking through Cat Ba national park and visiting archaeological relics, will be a wonderful experience for all visitors to Lan Ha Bay.

The gate of Quan Y (Military Hospital) Cave in Cat Ba national park is also an ideal place for visitors to take photos. (Photo: WONDERFULVIETNAM)

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