Raising awareness of fishermen in protecting aquatic resources, sovereignty

Not only supporting fishermen in safe and legal fishing activities, the propaganda program of the Vietnam Coast Guard also helps fishermen be deeply aware of the importance of the sea and islands associated with national defense, security and protecting the sovereignty of sea and islands of the nation.

Co To Sea is considered as the area of rich biodiversity of Vietnam with many typical ecosystems of tropical waters, including the concentrated coral reef ecosystem. This is also the waters of abundant seafood structure with many rare and high-valued species. In recent years, the aquatic resources in this region showed signs of rapid decline, especially in coastal areas. The cause is determined to be human overexploitation combined with the use of mass destruction methods.

Có sự đồng hành của cảnh sát biển, ngư dân hiểu hơn về pháp luật

Representatives of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 3 deliver leaflets to propagate the law to fishermen at Cat Lo fishing port (Vung Tau city).

Dealing with the above situation, the management and propaganda for fishermen to raise their awareness of law observance and protection of aquatic resources has been regularly organized by the High Command of Coast Guard Region 1 on the vast fishing grounds of more than 300 km2, with a sea border delimitation line of more than 190 km length extending from Tran Island to Bach Long Vi Island (Hai Phong city).

Thanks to the Coast Guard Region 1’s programs, many fishermen have not used destructive fishing equipment, which can deplete aquatic resources. At the same time, they also know better which areas they can do fishing and which areas are prohibited from doing fishing.

"Since we have had the companion of the Coast Guard, our fishermen have become more knowledgeable about the law," said Dinh Nhu Long, a fisherman in Co To.

Co To island district, Quang Ninh province is home to many fishing boats, fishery trading boats, transport ships. The knowledge of current news, the law and the observance of the law of local people and fishermen are still very limited. Therefore, the propaganda of information and knowledge about the country’s sea and islands and the popularization of law education to people is very important.

In the rough weather, many fishing ships usually have to stay in the port to avoid big waves. The forces performing sea missions of the High Command of Coast Guard Region 1 in Co To island district takes this as an opportunity to come directly to fishing vessels to provide fishermen information about the Tonkin Gulf Delimitation Agreement, functions and duties of the Vietnam Coast Guard and the High Command of Coast Guard Region 1, the things Vietnamese fishermen should be aware of when fishing in common fishing areas, notes for offshore fishing activities, and propaganda about the sea and islands of Vietnam.

Có sự đồng hành của cảnh sát biển, ngư dân hiểu hơn về pháp luật

The Coast Guard forces propagate the law on drug prevention for fishermen in Ninh Chu.

Reinforce the people's heart battle

Along with propaganda activities for fishermen to firmly grasp the law when fishing at sea, the Coast Guard force also performed many practical activities such as presenting meaningful gifts like the national flag, life jackets, medicine cabinets to poor families, people with meritorious services, lonely elderly, poor students who obtain outstanding achievements and fishermen.

“These are really a meaningful activities, helping fishermen and people to have a deep understanding of the position, role and importance of the sea and islands of Vietnam; understand the regulations when fishing in the Tonkin Gulf common fishing area; steadfastly reach out to sea. These activities also help raise fishermen’s awareness in the protection of aquatic resources and their participation in protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands of the country," Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Huy emphasized.

Có sự đồng hành của cảnh sát biển, ngư dân hiểu hơn về pháp luật

Chairman of the People's Committee of Co To district, Quang Ninh province, Mr. Tran Nhu Long praised the model of "The Coast Guard accompanies fishermen" of important political significance, a regular and long-term task in accordance with the functions and duties of the Coast Guard in the new situation. Through propaganda activities, this model has raised awareness, sense of responsibility for fishermen about sea and island strategy; the importance of the sea and islands to socio-economic development, in strengthening national defense and security, participating in building strong local political bases, contributing to successful implementation of the policies of the Party and State.

The "Coast Guard accompanies with fishermen" program of the Vietnam Coast Guard has helped strengthen the defense and security posture in the area and create conditions and ensure security and safety for fishermen on the sea," Mr. Tran Nhu Long said.

Hai Van