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Vietnamese of all ages spend on average over 400,000 hours per day to watch game live streams, of which 61% of the viewing time recorded from mobile phones, VnEconomy reported, citing the game developer Appota’s recent report.

Eye-catching screenings of games as well as entertaining online comments motivate Vietnamese people to spend millions of hours per month following and interacting with broadcasters on Google, Facebook and YouTube, HUYA Inc’s NimoTV among others.

Among 51 million mobile internet users in Vietnam accessing to online social media, entertainment and game daily, up to 33 million people play mobile games and the number is predicted to rise to 44 million by 2020.

Particularly, the average time that Vietnamese spend on playing games is longer than that of social media interacting, proving the irresistible attraction of this kind of digital content in daily entertainment.

Besides, thanks to the readiness to try new apps and games on mobile phones, Vietnam is currently among the ten nations with the most downloads of games and apps, which in turn opens up both opportunities and challenges for not only providers in creating more unique apps and games but also advertisers in brainstorming other new campaigns.


The report also shows that Vietnam is the country with the highest level of patience in staring at mobile ads with 19 seconds compares to the average time of 8-9 seconds in other countries.

Especially, Vietnamese are willing to watch short video ads to accumulate rewards in apps and games. That’s way the report suggested the brands to optimize their ads to link strongly and consistently to their customers.

The robust growth of mobile devices has given way to steady platforms for advertising market and apps in Vietnam. In 2018, digital ads revenue in the country reached US$663 million, of which mobile ad generated revenue amounted to over 62%.

By 2020, digital advertisement is forecast to grow to US$1 billion of which 80% of total digit-ads revenue comes from mobile phones. Hanoitimes

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Four in $85mil. online gambling ring arrested

Four in $85mil. online gambling ring arrested

Four people suspected of leading a gambling ring in the northern province of Hung Yen have been arrested, reported online newspaper yesterday.