Company for Vaccine and Biological Production 1 (VABIOTECH) under the Ministry of Health will conduct a second test of Covid-19 vaccine on mice next month.

The move followed the positive results of the first test carried out recently. According to the firm, a total of 50 mice provided with the vaccine have remained healthy and active.

The vaccine has been jointly developed by Vabiotech and the UK’s Bristol University since late January when the pandemic occurred.

Currently, Vabiotech is among four Vietnamese agencies which are allowed to research a COVID-19 vaccine and the company is the first to pilot the vaccine on mice, using the virus vector technology which has never been used in Vietnam before.

Vabiotech estimates it would spend at least 12-18 months to successfully produce a Covid-19 vaccine that could work well on humans.

At present, more than 80 countries are focusing on the research of Covid-19 vaccine with eight piloting it on humans.

By this morning, May 21, Vietnam confirmed 324 Covid-19 cases, including 184 from abroad and quarantined after arriving in the country. Dtinews

Vietnamese Covid-19 vaccine test on mice shows positive signs

Vietnamese Covid-19 vaccine test on mice shows positive signs

Vietnam has seen some initial positive results for the test of a locally-made Covid-19 vaccine on mice.