with four levels of risk specified by experts as part of the first (COVID-19) map.

COVID-19 map

According to details given by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dac Phu, senior advisor of the Center for Response to Public Health Events, the purpose of this regulation is to ensure that the anti-pandemic map is based on data which is updated from commune level upwards and uses information gathered from available sources.

The map features four levels of risk, including normal, risky, high risk, and very high risk, which are shown on the map with corresponding colours. This is being done with the aim of helping each locality to proactively identify risk and take appropriate countermeasures.

Due to the current pandemic situation in the nation, it remains essential to conduct a risk assessment on each level in line with the respective situation of localities. At any level, each locality will have response measures in place that follow their level, with this assessment based on local updates, Dr. Phu said.

Furthermore, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control's safety assessment department will strive to put together a more accurate assessment on the pandemic situation in each locality, with all data placed on the COVID-19 map being updated at nguyco.antoancovid.vn. The four levels of risk, such as normal, risky, high risk, and very high risk will be marked in blue, yellow, orange, and red, respectively.


"Looking at the map, you are able to know what colour localities belong to and take corresponding measures. For example, localities at a normal level, their local residents need to wear masks, and follow 5K regulations," Dr. Phu explained.

The COVID-19 map was drawn up based on previously-issued directives by the Government regarding pandemic prevention and control, with more specific regulations being applicable to each locality. The goal of the map is to both prevent the pandemic and ensure economic development moving forward.

With this regulation, various chairs of provincial and municipal People's Committees are fully responsible for disease prevention and control in their respective localities.
Therefore, it is the role of localities to strictly implement anti-pandemic measures corresponding to the risk levels shown on the map.

In the event that is necessary to apply very high risk measures in a province or city, the situation will have to be reported to the Prime Minister to direct relevant localities and ministries in order to have timely co-ordination in the anti-pandemic process, Dr. Phu added.


Where is Vietnam on the Covid-19 vaccination map?

Where is Vietnam on the Covid-19 vaccination map?

Compared with neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, the rate of vaccination against Covid-19 in Vietnam is still low, accounting for only 0.86% of the population.