Over the past time, the entire Vietnam Coast Guard force has actively renewed the content, the form and method of communicating and propagating the results of performing the Coast Guard tasks.

Besides focusing on political and ideological education for cadres and soldiers to help them be knowledgeable about the tasks, partners, objects, conspiracies and tricks of the "peaceful evolution" of the hostile forces, the Vietnam Coast Guard also focuses on building bravery, belief, determination to overcome difficulties, to be ready to receive and complete tasks well in all situations.

The Vietnam Coast Guard has also provided accurate and timely information on the results of the force in the fight to protect sovereignty, the prevention and fight against crime, violations, piracy, armed robbery, search and rescue, and at the same time raising awareness of the law, awareness of protecting sovereignty and restricting Vietnamese fishermen from violating foreign waters, to consolidating "the people's security posture" at sea.

CSB: Đẩy mạnh công tác tuyên truyền, giáo dục, xây dựng “Thế trận an ninh nhân dân”

In the implementation of the program "the Coast Guard accompanies fishermen", hundreds of medicine boxes and thousands of life buoys have been donated to fishermen.

The three targets in the 2020-2025 term

In the coming period, in the face of the increasing requirements of duties, the Party Committee of the Vietnam Coast Guard will continue to focus on promoting the leadership and command capacity to successfully complete the tasks in the term 2020 - 2025, focusing on the following main targets:

The first target is, seriously and effectively implementing the instructions and resolutions of the Party, State, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of Defense; closely coordinating with other forces to grasp the situation, analyze, evaluate and promptly advise on undertakings and policies; directing the relevant forces to properly, flexibly and effectively handle situations, not to be passive; Implementing comprehensively and effectively the task of fighting to protect sovereignty; law enforcement; fight piracy, armed robbery, crimes, offense, search and rescue and protection of the marine environment.

CSB: Đẩy mạnh công tác tuyên truyền, giáo dục, xây dựng “Thế trận an ninh nhân dân”

Strengthening external activities of the Coast Guard, improving the ability to solve security problems and marine environment issues. Closely coordinating with agencies, organizations and functional forces to well perform the tasks of security, order and safety management; contribute to building a solid defense-security posture at sea.

In addition, to focus on building a strong Coast Guard force in terms of politic spirit as a basis for improving the overall quality, qualifications and the combat readiness. Continue to effectively implement the campaign "Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, to be worthy of Uncle Ho's soldiers" title, the movement "Four good, four no, four against"; maintain and strengthen solidarity, blood-bound relationship with people.

Strive to have 100% officers and soldiers ready to receive and complete all tasks; organize tests of political awareness, military, law, professional skills for Coast Guard officers; strive to have 100% of staff meeting the requirements (75% rated pretty good, over 15% rated excellent); 100% of staff trained according to the decentralization policy; 100% of the units to achieve absolute political safety, over 80% of the units have a good cultural environment. Accelerate the implementation of the project to build the Vietnam Coast Guard force in the period of 2021-2025; to attach importance to training human resources, building new ships and boats, securing vehicles, building infrastructures, purchasing aircraft and equipment.

CSB: Đẩy mạnh công tác tuyên truyền, giáo dục, xây dựng “Thế trận an ninh nhân dân”

Vietnamese Coast Guard soldiers on duty at sea.

Focus on completing the organization and payroll of agencies and units in the whole force. Strengthen the construction of working order, discipline practice, obeying the State law, the discipline of the Army, strive to not have serious discipline violation cases; the usual disciplinary violation rate to be below 0.3% per year. Well perform logistics, engineering, finance, planning and investment tasks; To strive for a strong number of over 98.5%, over 85% of units will achieve good cook stoves, good military supply management, 100% of units will reach the target in food self-production; maintain financial and asset management practices. Ensure the technical coefficient of over 95%; well implementing the 50 campaign and two technical breakthroughs in technology; the emulation movement "Military logistics industry does what Uncle Ho taught".

And, continue to effectively implement NQTW4 of the 11th and 12th Party Committee on Party building, in association with the implementation of Directive 05 of the Politburo, Directive 87 of the Standing Military Commission of the Central Committee; building strong and pure party committees, party organizations, promoting good leadership role, to have over 80% of party committees and party organizations that fulfill their tasks well annually, no party organizations that fail to fulfill their tasks; over 80% of the Party members complete well and excel in their duties, no party members committee serious discipline violation cases. To well perform the Party's inspection and supervision and specialized inspection and examination according to the annual plan of the commander.

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