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An aircraft of Vietnam Airlines

Accordingly, six flights of Vietnam Airlines - VN1651, VN1650 between Hanoi and Phu Yen; VN1396, VN1397, VN1625, VN1624 between HCM City/Hanoi and Quy Nhon will be cancelled.

The airline will also adjust the departure time earlier from 1 hour 40 minutes to more than three hours for other flights between Hanoi/HCM City and Nha Trang, including VN1564, VN1565, VN1356, VN1357, VN1358 and VN1359.

Flights to/from Pleiku will take off three hours earlier than the initial schedule, including VN1613 from Hanoi to Pleiku, and VN1427 from Pleiku to HCM City.

Vietnam Airlines will also delay the departure time from 12 to 18 hours for four international flights, including VN718 and VN719 between Nha Trang and Chengdu (China); and VN440 and VN441 between Nha Trang and Seoul (the Republic of Korea).


Jetstar Pacific also canceled four flights between Quy Nhon/Phu Yen and HCM City on November 10, namely BL452, BL453, BL434 and BL435.

Other domestic flights of Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific may also be affected by the storm, which the is the sixth of its kind hitting the country so far this year.

Passengers of affected flights will be supported in line with regulations of the arilines.

For more information, passengers can visit the respective websites of Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific at, and They should also visit the airlines’ Facebook page, call ticket offices nationwide or hotlines 1900 1100, and 1900 1550, respectively./. VNA

Vietnam's central region prepares for impending impact of storm Nakri

Vietnam's central region prepares for impending impact of storm Nakri

Local authorities and residents of the central and southcentral regions are taking a number of drastic steps in response to the incoming storm No. 6 (Nakri).

Storm Nakri moving fast

Storm Nakri moving fast

Storm No. 6, internationally known as tropical cyclone Nakri, is heading towards the central-south region from Quang Ngai Province to Khanh Hoa Province, with strong winds measured at levels 11 or 12, and gusting to level 15.