US$1,100 papaya tree

Tết không đụng hàng: Bó hoa to 12 mét, bức tranh ngọc 2 tỷ đồng

Hoang Dinh Chinh, a gardener in the northern province of Hung Yen, offers unique bonsai papaya trees, which have attracted attention of customers, reports Lao Dong newspaper. The most expensive bonsai papaya tree in Chinh’s garden is worth VND25 million ($1,100).

“The tree is named ‘Family Union’. The bigger fruits above represent the parents and the smaller ones below represent the offsprings,” Chinh explained.

The “Family Union” papaya tree is different from any other papaya trees in the market. The tree is stronger in disease resistance, development ability; its canopy is larger with fine branches. The fruit weigh up to 5kg, which is also seedless and freshly sweet.

$15,000 pomelo tree

Tết không đụng hàng: Bó hoa to 12 mét, bức tranh ngọc 2 tỷ đồng

Chinh also has a 300-year-old grapefruit tree, which amazes many people. This tree is a combination of a sour pomelo breed Chinh bought from the northern mountainous region, and then propagated on a pomelo tree of Hanoi’s Dien breed. It took him about five years to complete the combination process.

The pomelo tree is over 2m tall, with five branches growing out of the trunk represents five fingers, which is believed to symbolize luck and wealth. Some offered VND300 million (nearly $15,000) to buy the tree but Chinh refused.

$10,000 leafless fig tree in Hanoi

At the ornamental tree festival held in Hanoi recently, many people were excited about an ancient fig tree which has a unique shape, called “Lao mai sinh quy tu” (Old father gives birth to a boy). The tree is owned by a man from the northern province of Bac Ninh. The owner of this tree said that it took him a lot of time, efforts and skills to get the tree in a beautiful and unique shape. The fig tree is believed to bring luck, wealth and fullness to its owner. It is offered for a price of VND200 million.

$80 unique-shaped pomelo

This Lunar New Year, Huynh Thanh Tam, a gardener from the southern province of Ben Tre supplies the market with about 800 unique-shaped pomelos, reports Dan Viet newspaper. The most special pomelos, which are priced from VND800,000 to VND1 million, are those shaped like an apricot flower, with the words “Tai Loc” (good fortune) on the peel.

Giant bouquet of florist’s daisies

Tết không đụng hàng: Bó hoa to 12 mét, bức tranh ngọc 2 tỷ đồng

A giant flower bouquet made of florist’s daisies and crown of thorns flowers has been recognized as the biggest of its kind by the Vietnam Book of Records.

The model is on display at the food zone located on Sa Nhien - Cai Dao flower street, Tan Quy Dong Ward, Sa Dec City in the southern province of Dong Thap.

The bouquet is 10m long, 12/1m wide and more than 5m high. It was made by 20 people in two months and finished on January 5.

It is composed of 1,200 bamboo plants, 400kg of iron, 260 pots of florist’s daisies and 50 pots of crown of thorns. The end of the bouquet is set up into a spring-themed miniature scene.

The display of the giant original flower bouquet has attracted many visitors to the area.

Koi fish lake decorated by half-gemstones

The Vietnam Association of Record Makers recently awarded the Vietnam Record Certificate to Le Van Dung in the northern province of Thai Nguyen, who owns a lake of Koi fish (brocaded carp) that uses the largest volume of half-gemstones in Vietnam. Dung bought 100 tons of semi-precious stones from the central province of Nghe An to build this lake, which is considered the largest Koi fish lake in Vietnam. The Japanese Koi fish in this lake is worth VND10 billion (nearly $500,000).

Gemstone-made painting worth nearly $100,000

Tết không đụng hàng: Bó hoa to 12 mét, bức tranh ngọc 2 tỷ đồng

Dung is also the owner of a gemstone-made painting worth nearly VND2 billion ($98,000). He told Dan Viet newspaper that he bought the painting from an auction in China several years ago. This monolithic gem painting is over 1m long, 1m high, 10cm thick, and crafted by Hong Kong artists.

Hanh Nguyen

Car refurbishment services in high demand on pre-Tet days

Car refurbishment services in high demand on pre-Tet days

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Sa Dec Flower Village attracts tourists before Tet

Sa Dec Flower Village attracts tourists before Tet

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