Typhoon Kalmaegi,East Sea,tropical depression,cold air,Song Tu Tay

According to reports, the typhoon was positioned at 18.8 degrees north latitude and 122.6 degrees east longitude in the northeastern waters of Luzon island of the Philippines at 1am on November 19.

Close to the centre of the typhoon, the weather pattern’s strongest winds were estimated to be between 100km and 115km per hour.


Over the course of the next 24 hours, the typhoon is expected to track southwest at a speed of between 10km and 15km per hour with a sustained wind speed of 75km to 100km per hour.

This will create dangerous zones in the East Sea as a result of the impact of the extreme weather mixed with cold air. During the following 48 hours, the storm will continue moving southwest at speeds of 25km to 30km and will begin to weaken into a tropical depression.

It is then expected that the tropical depression will be located at 14.2 degrees north latitude and 116.3 longitude, approximately 390km, north-northeast from the Song Tu Tay island at 1am on November 21. Once in this location, the strongest winds near to the eye of the low pressure zone will be between 40km and 50km per hour. VOV