A police officer performs a breath alcohol test – PHOTO: VNA

The campaign was introduced by the Traffic Police Department to ensure safety and order as traffic in the country has worsened after social distancing measures and travel restrictions were removed.

Any motorbike, car, bus, coach or container truck can be stopped for inspection, according to Thanh Nien newspaper.

Traffic police will also focus on handling traffic violations such as exceeding speed limits, driving in the wrong direction, not wearing a helmet, running red lights, recklessly overtaking and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The police will use handheld cameras or vehicle dash cams to record violations, which will be used as proof when determining penalties.

When performing breath alcohol tests, traffic police have to follow the instructions of the ministries of Public Security and Health to ensure safety and hygiene. Breath alcohol testers must be carefully sanitized, and each breath pipe can only be used by one person.

The campaign will take place from from May 15 to June 14. SGT