There are 22 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in healthcare workers reported in the hospital in the late evening of the same day, announced the HCMC Center for Disease Control (HCDC).

The first three new cases of the coronavirus included two workers of the IT department and an administrative employee who is wife of the above-mentioned IT employee.

The hospital immediately tested 596 people, including employees and 63 inpatients for Covid-19 on June 12, and found others confirmed to have Covid-19, consisting of six IT workers and 14 administrative employees.

The HCMC Hospital for Tropical Diseases is going to be converted into a treatment hub for Covid-19 patients. Therefore there are only 63 inpatients that are being treated in other departments in the hospital. These patients tested negative for coronavirus.


The treatment area of Covid-19 located separately from the remaining sectors. Around 80 healthcare professionals who are caring for Covid-19 patients have negative test results for coronavirus. They are required to stay at the working place and not to contact with other staffs and people outside of the hospital.

Additionally, the 500-bed Covid-19 Treatment Hospital in Cu Chi District and the Covid-19 Treatment Unit at Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital in District 5 have been put into operation on June 12 and 14, respectively.

The health sector has mobilized officials from departments of contagious diseases, resuscitation, and emergency services of the city’s main hospitals to serve for these Covid-19 treatment health facilities.


Public reluctant to go to hospitals because of Covid-19

Public reluctant to go to hospitals because of Covid-19

Many ill people in Danang are arriving at hospital too late due to fears of Covid-19.