Phu Quoc
An aerial view of Phu Quoc City. - Photo: NDO

Earlier, the Kien Giang government had sent the Government a draft plan proposing some special policies for the development of Phu Quoc City, the local media reported.

According to the province, special policies should include tax policies and other comprehensive ones to create a competitive business environment.

The province had proposed the Government, ministries and agencies develop six groups of incentives for Phu Quoc. These included supporting the infrastructure development and human resources management and development; relating to taxes, financial and monetary policies, wages, import, export, land use and investment promotion; developing the culture and society; ensuring security and national defense; and those on foreign investment and international cooperation.

As for infrastructure development, Kien Giang had earlier sought State capital to complete the Duong Dong International Passenger Port, the building of new runways, and the expansion of the Phu Quoc International Airport terminal to serve tourists.


In addition, the province had suggested the Government give autonomy to Phu Quoc City to shorten the time required to complete investment procedures and save costs for investors.

According to the province, Phu Quoc can become a high-quality tourism hub, but policies for the city have not been very different from those of other areas in the country. As a result, the city has yet to make breakthroughs in mobilizing capital for infrastructure development and tapping its potential.

In the 2016-2020 period, Phu Quoc attracted more than VND141.6 trillion in investment, accounting for 65% of the investment in Kien Giang Province and 321 projects with total registered capital of over VND340.3 trillion.

Source: SGT

Bright future ahead for Phu Quoc City: official

Bright future ahead for Phu Quoc City: official

Huynh Quang Hung, chairman of Phu Quoc City People’s Committee, talks to the Vietnam News Agency on the establishment of Phu Quoc City – the country’s first island city.

Master plan for Phu Quoc Economic Zone submitted to the Government

Master plan for Phu Quoc Economic Zone submitted to the Government

The Kien Giang Province's People's Committee has submitted a master plan on sustainable development for Phu Quoc until 2040 to the Prime Minister for approval.