ILA Center has proactively understood customers by offering diverse smart learning solutions to parents and kids for a wide range of selections matching their expectations.

Secured learning, active learning, effective learning

The education sector will absolutely experience a special summer in 2020. As students go back to school after more than 3 months of social distancing, final exams will not take place in May. This unprecedented change makes all parents concerned: How can their children return to the hustle learning atmosphere while still being safe from diseases?

Ms. Thu Hoai, from the central city of Da Nang, said: “To let kids come back to school is a mixed feeling of happiness and unease. I am glad that finally, kids can come back to school, but I worry about a hundred things. I am afraid that the children will forget what they’ve learnt, reluctant to study again and I am concerned about health safety. We are looking for a reliable extracurricular center”.

Sharing the same thought, Mr. The Phat from Tra Vinh said: “We, parents, are always orienting our kids to study English from their early age. Since Covid-19, it is essential for the children to learn more and to acknowledge more. The only issue is to decide where to let them study as there are not so many choices”.

Learning trend has changed over Post-Covid-19 time.

While parents are struggling to find secured places for their children to update necessary knowledge, educators are focusing on solving another problem: what these students will need for a totally changed world. According to the World Economic Forum, adaptation and flexibility will be the two essential skills that Generation Z and Alpha (people born from late 1990s to late 2010s) need to prepare. Flexibility and adaptation are to develop in all conditions and situations, while subjectivity is to create our own future and that of the world.

The Covid-19 epidemic or other global-scale disasters such as climate change or ecological imbalance are the warnings of a challenging world ahead.  Only adaptation and flexibility will support the young generation to reduce risks and to contribute to a more stable and sustainable world.

An extracurricular educational model that ensures the safety and helps students enhance their sets of skills is an urgent consideration right now.


ILA's outstanding solutions for the urgent demand of modern education

With 20 years of experience in teaching English and skills, ILA has always been a pioneer in updating modern education in Vietnam. Established as an international standardized teaching English model with 100% native speakers for the first time in Vietnam, ILA has constantly improved and has introduced 21st-Century Skills to Vietnamese students since the beginning of 2010. When the Covid-19 pandemic widely spreads, ILA has immediately launched appropriate learning solutions to match parents’ demands and to meet new educational requirements.

Since May 5th, 2020 ILA has implemented Smart Learning Solutions with 3 options for parents and students as followed: Full-time studying at ILA center, Full-time studying in ILA@Live online classes or part-time at ILA Center & part-time at ILA@Live.

According to personal conditions, orientations and lifestyles, parents can select the optimal model. Moreover, this solution can broaden international standardized English and Mathematics to all provinces in Vietnam. Only one smart device registered for full-time online learning can allow students to join any class. The transfer of decision-making process into parents and students’ hands is also a modern educational trend, illustrating ILA’s care for customers and their full right to decide learning models based on personal conditions.

ILA is trying to broaden international standardized education across Vietnam

Especially, ILA guarantees international standardized training quality for all three learning models. Accordingly, regardless of any chosen method, students will learn and practice with native speakers, following a standardized curriculum and a modern learning method named Project-based learning. With this considerable investment of ILA, students will not only excel in English and Mathematics but will also equip themselves with essential skills: communication, cooperation, creativity, critical thinking, self-confidence and proactivity strengthened through each lesson or each project.

This investment is also regarded as the final purpose of modern education to provide adequate knowledge and skills for young generations so that they could proactively create their own future and contribute to the sustainable world.

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