The program was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam Youth Union, and Thien Long Group. As a representative of the organizing board, Trinh Van Hao - Marketing Director of Thien Long Group - talked with VietNamNet about this program.

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Mr. Trinh Van Hao, Marketing Director of Thien Long Group, presents saving books to teachers

- What challenges did the ‘Sharing with Teachers’ program 2021 face in the recent complicated epidemic situation?

In the 7th year of implementation, like many other social activities, the program ‘Sharing with Teachers’ was affected by the epidemic this year. We could not hold a press conference to announce the program in July like in previous years. However, in the spirit of "not letting the epidemic paralyze the program to honor teachers", the ‘Sharing with Teachers’ 2021 program still opened to receive online teacher profiles and selected outstanding teachers with many initiatives and energy to overcome difficulties to work in disaster, flood, epidemic-hit areas... to honor.

Vietnam education

The program also considered a plan to honor teachers online in a complicated epidemic situation. As the epidemic has gradually been controlled, we were able to hold a complete and meaningful ceremony to honor the teachers. This conveys the message: no matter how difficult the situation is, the gratitude and desire to thank the teachers on the occasion of November 20th will never stop.

- As announced previously, this year the ‘Sharing with Teachers’ program focused on honoring teachers who have many initiatives to optimize online teaching. Why did the program emphasize this?

For Thien Long Group, honoring millions of teachers who are "struggling" to maintain online teaching has many profound meanings.

Firstly, it recognizes the hardships teachers have faced in the past two years of online teaching. Under the severe impact of the epidemic, teachers are still firmly at the helm, becoming the "front line" to maintain teaching and learning online. Teaching on the podium is difficult, teaching through the computer screen is even more difficult, challenging the intellect and will of the "front lines of education". Therefore, the teacher's quickness to overcome difficulties deserves the honor of the whole society.

Vietnam education

For 40 years of accompanying knowledge, education, and the country of Vietnam in all circumstances, Thien Long Group understands and appreciates the extraordinary hearts and energy of the teachers.


Secondly, we want to spread the stories of the teachers because we believe that the strong adaptability and the will to overcome difficulties will transmit positive and inspirational energies to the whole society that helps recover and overcome recent aftershocks.

Millions of online teachers deserve to be honored, but because of the limited resources, ‘Sharing with Teachers’ program cannot honor all those silent people. Thien Long believes that millions of hearts in society also want to express their love and gratitude to teachers from all over the country.

Through this, we would like to express our deep gratitude to all the teachers who have been doing their best to teach online for the past two years. We want to say thank you to the teachers who do not give up even though the teaching through the computer screen is dry and challenging.

- In your opinion, up to this point, how much support and spread has the program Sharing with teachers received in society. And what made this program successful? 

I still remember the feeling when the program ‘Sharing with Teachers’ was first held in 2015. Listening to the sharing of teachers, many people in the hall, from Party and State leaders to the guests, the students, were in tears. On that day, the leaders who went on stage to give their speeches skipped the formal speeches to express their feelings from the bottom of their hearts to the teachers… And I'm sure, everyone who watched the program over the years, will all share the same thoughts.

Vietnam education
Mr. Trinh Van Hao, Marketing Director of Thien Long Group

And you have to see the tearful eyes of the teachers themselves when attending that program to understand our excitement and pride. We still know, somewhere out there, in the most difficult, hardest places, some people are spending their youth, even most of their lives, to teach the poorest children. So that they can grow up, change their fate, change the future of the village. To be able to share it with one of them is already an overwhelming honor. In the past 7 years, we have been able to cheer and encourage more than 390 teachers, we appreciate that.

More than 390 teachers have been shared, encouraged to have more strength to stick with the profession. There will be thousands and thousands of children in the most difficult areas to be taught, loved, and given the opportunity to change their destiny and that of their native village.

Gratitude activities for teachers will be spread, society appreciates the merits of teachers. Many hearts turn to the Vietnam Teachers' Day and share the hardships and sacrifices so that the teachers can have more enthusiasm on their chosen path.

Thien Long Group is the co-organizer of the program "Sharing with Teachers" with the Ministry of Education and Training and the Vietnam Youth Union for the past 7 years. Every year, the program selects and honors teachers who have overcome obstacles in their pursuit of a teaching career in specific economic regions such as the highlands, islands, and isolated border areas... Each teacher is presented with a savings book worth VND10 million and a Certificate of Merit from the Vietnam Youth Union, the Ministry of Education and Training, and many other meaningful rewards. The program has received the attention and support of Party and State leaders, relevant agencies at all levels and is highly appreciated by the public. 

In November 2021, Thien Long Group and its Chairman Co Gia Tho jointly received the Third-class Labor Medal of the State, in addition to the program Sharing with Teachers, for their practical contributions to the Exam Season Relay program for 20 years. This is a huge encouragement for Thien Long Group's efforts over the last 40 years to develop Vietnamese brands and make significant contributions to Vietnam education.

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