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Loggers are brought to re-construct the crime scene. 

The gang includes Tran Quoc Cuong, 27, Đinh Dyuẫp, 27, Tran Quoc Ý, 24, Nguyen Minh Dung, 37, Mai Quang Hop, 37, Dinh Trung Thanh, 44 and Tran Van Tu, 49, all residing in Kbang District. 

Investigating their homes on Tuesday, the police seized six motorbikes, three saws, five flashlights and two machetes. 

On the same afternoon, they were brought to the crime scene at sub-division 120 and 122 for a reenactment to consolidate the case’s dossier. 


Earlier on June 4, Kbang District Forest Ranger Force detected a timber yard deep inside the forest managed by Lo Ku Forestry Company. Expanding the investigation, the force found 26 trees illegally chopped down. 

Two other illegal timber yards were later reported in Dak Smar and So Pai communes, containing 91cu.m of logs. At the time, the suspects remained unknown. 

Twelve more illegally felled trees and some 50 logs were found on June 6. 

All evidence has been seized. 

Kbang District Police is expanding an investigation into the case, searching for other suspects.  VNS