By Friday afternoon, nearly 2,000 houses in seven communes of Hung Nguyen District along the Lam River had been submerged 0.5- one metre under the water. Over 800 hectares of plantations had also been deeply flooded. Landslides have been reported in some areas.

All schools in the district have been closed.

Chairman of Xuan Lam District People's Committee, Nguyen Van Phan, said that they had evacuated 1,000 elderly people and children.

"Other people wanted to stay to look after their property," he said. "We’re closely watching the situation around the clock to ensure safety of local people as it is estimated that the water levels will continue to rise."

 A tent set up by local authorities to monitor the flooding situation.

Some photos of the flooded areas along the Lam River in Nghe An taken on the afternoon of October 30:


Nguyen Phe-Nguyen Tu (Dtinews)