Quy định trang bị, kinh phí và cơ sở vật chất bảo đảm cho Cảnh sát biển Việt Nam

The Law on Vietnam Coast Guard, took effect on July 1, 2019, is a law of special importance, specifying the activities of the Vietnam Coast Guard.

Article 32 of the Law on Vietnam Coast Guard prescribes the funding and facilities for the Vietnam Coast Guard as follows:

1. The State shall ensure funding and material foundations, land, offices and works for the operation of the Vietnam Coast Guard.

2. The State gives priority to investment in modern equipment, research and application of scientific and technological achievements to the Vietnam Coast Guard.

Article 33 prescribes the equipment of the Vietnam Coast Guard, including:

1. The Vietnam Coast Guard is equipped with ships, aircraft and other means; weapons, explosives, supporting tools and technical and professional equipment to perform the assigned functions, tasks and powers.


2. The Minister of Defense shall detail this Article.

Article 34 prescribes the ranks, positions, service regimes, policies and interests of officers and soldiers of the Vietnam Coast Guard as follows:

1. The appointment, dismissal, promotion, demotion, promotion, salary, training, retraining, recruitment, service regime, discontinuation of service, policies, rights and other regulations applicable to officers and soldiers of the Vietnam Coast Guard comply with the Law on Officers of the People's Army of Vietnam, the Law on Professional Soldiers, Workers, Defense Officers, the Law on Military Service and other relevant laws.

2. Vietnamese Coast Guard officers, when serving in active service, shall enjoy preferential regimes suitable to the nature of their tasks and operating areas according to the Government's regulations.

Hai Van