Many households in Nhat Tan have grown peach trees for many generations. However, due to rapid urbanisation, more land has been used for construction, the number of local peach growers has decreased.

A land plot by the Red River which was used for planting mulberry trees have been turned into peach tree gardens.

People have been rushing to Nhat Tan, an area well-known for growing peach blossom flowers, to buy peach blossom trees and branches to decorate their houses or offices.

The weather has been quite for favourable for peach growers.

The prices of peach blossom branches vary, often ranging from less than VND100,000 (USD4.47) to around VND700,000 (USD30.43).



Lots of peach trees are grown alternately with other kinds of flowers.

Many gardens only have the kinds of small beach trees to serve demand on the 15th day of the 12th lunar month, the Kitchen Gods' Day or to be displayed on tea tables.

Peach growers now have more ways to adjust the blooming time of peach trees despite unfavourable weather conditions.


Peach, kumquat tree growers busy ahead of Tet

Peach, kumquat tree growers busy ahead of Tet

Gardeners growing peaches in Nhat Tan Village and kumquat trees in Tu Lien Village in Hanoi's Tay Ho District are busy preparing thousands of peach roots and kumquat pots for the Tet (Lunar New Year) market.

Ben Tre man makes peach flowers from wool

Ben Tre man makes peach flowers from wool

With nimble hands, Do Quang from Ben Tre province can turn long threads of wool into beautiful peach and apricot flowers. His handicrafts are very popular, even though the prices are as high as tens of millions of dong.