The numbers were announced at the conference about strengthening the assessment and management of occupational safety and health risks held on September 11.

According to Do, in 2018, there were 972 deadly accidents, an increase of 8.24% compared to 2017. There were 112 accidents with more than two victims, an increase of 10.89%. Do said in most cases, the accidents were caused by low awareness and ignorance about occupational safety regulations by both the employers and employees.

In 24.56% of the cases, the employers didn't provide a safe working routine beforehand. In 7.02 percent of the cases, the employees weren't given proper training and in 18.42 percent of the cases, the employees failed to follow the procedure.


Moreover, firms haven't had a plan to review and assess labour risks with machines, equipment and supplies. They also do not hold practice activities for employees on how to deal with accidents.

Ta Van Duong from Hanoi Federation of Labour said they needed a simple awareness campaign about such issues.

Dinh Thanh Ha from Danang Federation of Labour said that the federation lacked employees with deep knowledge about labour safety and employees needed more training to monitor and prevent accidents.

Lao Dong/Dtinews