Nắng nóng cục bộ với nhiệt độ xấp xỉ 41-42 độ còn diễn ra ở Bắc Bộ

Mr. Tran Hong Thai, Director General of the General Department of Meteorology and Hydrology

Mr. Tran Hong Thai, General Director of the General Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, said at a meeting yesterday that from June, storms and tropical depressions are likely to appear in the northern waters of the East Sea and increase in frequency in the following months.

According to Thai, the number of storms and tropical depressions in the East Sea and those that affect Vietnam tends to be equivalent to the average of many years before (12-14 storms, with 5-7 storms directly affecting the mainland).

In the first half of the storm season, tropical depressions will concentrate in the North and the middle of the East Sea, potentially affecting the North and North Central regions. In the second half of the season, it will be concentrated in the middle and southern areas of the East Sea, affecting the area from the North Central Coast to the South.

According to the Director General of the General Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, the rainy season in the Central Highlands and the South has come early and is likely to end at a time close to the average of many years (late October, early November).

In the last six months of the year, rainfall tends to increase nationwide, higher than the average of many years before in the North and North central region from July to September, and in the North Central and South Central regions from October to December.


Heavy rain is likely to occur in October and November in the central provinces, especially in the Central and South Central regions.

In the dry season of 2020-2021, saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta has been higher than the average level of many years, but not as severe as the dry season of 2019-2020.

In the flood season of 2021, the annual flood peaks on the main rivers in the North, North Central, and Central Highlands regions are at level 1-2 and above level 2; rivers in Yen Bai, Ninh Binh, from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan are at level 2-3, some rivers are above level 3.

The annual flood peak at the headwaters of the Mekong River on the Tien River in Tan Chau and the Hau River in Chau Doc is at BD1-BD2. The period of occurrence of moderate and large floods in the North and Central regions is likely to be concentrated in the second half of the flood season.

Last year, Vietnam had 14 storms and one tropical depression; 265 thunderstorms, whirlwinds; 120 flash floods and landslides; 90 earthquakes; drought, severe saltwater intrusion, river bank and coast erosion, and sea dyke subsidence in the Mekong Delta.

Natural disasters caused 357 deaths. As many as 3,429 houses collapsed, 333,084 houses were damaged; over 198,000 hectares of rice and crops were ruined; 52,000 cattle heads and 4.1 million poultry were killed. The total loss was estimated at VND39,962 billion.

So far this year, the country has observed 53 mild earthquakes; 105 hailstorms and thunderstorms; 5 waves of cold air; 11 heavy rains and floods, and 21 river bank landslides.

By the end of May 2021, natural disasters caused 21 deaths and 29 injuries, and over 4,300 houses collapsed or were damaged. Estimated loss was about VND119 billion.

Huong Quynh

People struggle in scorching heat of over 40oC

People struggle in scorching heat of over 40oC

At 11 am on June 1, the temperature measured in many places across the country was more than 40 degrees Celsius. The heat wave is expected to continue for the next few days.