Ha Nam province,Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Developme,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

However,the localities aim to harvest around 7.04 million tonnes of paddy despite thereduction in cultivation area, an increase of 15,900 tonnes from the previouswinter-spring crop.

Delegatesat the conference presented reports on water sources and solutions to ensurewater for the rice crop, hydro-meteorological forecast for the period fromNovember 2019 to April 2020, and the risks of pests for the crop.


DeputyMinister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Quoc Doanh reminded northern localitiesto pay attention to irrigation to ensure sufficient water for the rice crop,and to use quality high-yield rice varieties to increase output and economicvalue.

Itwas also reported at the conference that northern localities cultivated rice onnearly 1.08 million ha of land in the summer crop 2019, down 27,900 ha fromlast year, due to droughts. As a result, total paddy output of the crop wasestimated at 5.47 million tonnes, a reduction of 22,400 tonnes on a yearlybasis.

The Ministry ofAgriculture and Rural Development said the rice export volume in the first ninemonths of this year was estimated at 5.2 million tonnes,earning 2.24 billion USD, up 5.9 percent in volume but down 9.8 percent invalue compared to the same period in 2018./. VNA