Northern and central region to have new heatwave


The centre said on July 5 that the western low-pressure area was spreading toward the southeastern parts.

Combining with the southwest wind, the temperatures in the Red River Delta will be around 35-36 degrees and the temperatures in the central region will be 35 to 38 degrees.

Starting from July 6, the northern region will have 11 to 16 hours of 35 degrees. The heat wave will last up to four days in the northeastern parts and even longer in the central region.

Two or three widespread heat waves have been forecasted for the northern and central regions in July.

After the recent rains, the central region will have to continue facing the drought and long hot days in July. The average temperatures will also higher than previous years' temperatures by 0.5 to 1 degrees.

The northern region will still have three or four widespread rains in July, especially in the mountainous areas in the northern midland and mountainous areas.

Warnings about flash floods, landslides in the mountainous areas and flooding in low-lying lands have also been put up. Dtinews