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The app ‘Y Tế HCM’ is being used by over 9,600 companies and state units, including 6,272 medical units and 3,422 companies for electronic health declarations.

The mobile apps have QR code scanning that allows users to scan the corresponding QR code located at the entrance of a company, state office, or convenience store to carry out their health declaration process.

There is a button that captures the screen when the process finishes, making even technology novices feel at ease.

Another of its useful functions is the check-in record, which helps users save the history of the locations they have visited and health declarations, also via QR code scanning.

Users only need to report their health status once a day and use this form, under a personal QR code, for the next 24 hours.

"The app has many advantages. I have downloaded the application to my device. I think it's a way to protect the health of myself and the community," Hanh Loan, a resident in District 6, told Sài Gòn Giải Phóng (Liberated Sài Gòn) newspaper.

According to Vo Thi Trung Trinh, deputy director of the city's Information & Communications Department, the city is working with the Information & Communications Ministry to upload collected health declarations of city residents to the shared database of the city and national database centres linked to the database of the Health Ministry.

This app is expected to improve the speed and accuracy of the Covid-19 infection tracking tasks in the city.


In addition, the app named ‘Tổng Đài 1022’ developed by the HCM City Department of Information and Communications receives information updates from residents.

The portal app had the latest reliable news and problem-handling from authorities in 12 subjects, including traffic infrastructure, telecoms facilities, and lighting systems in the city.

Recently, the app has been used to receive reports on violations of Covid-19 prevention measures, illegal trading of items during social distancing, detection of strangers in neighbourhoods, and suspicious cases of Covid-19 infections.

The app also displays a digital map with updated information about lockdown areas in the city, locations of Covid-19 infections, locations that sell facemasks, healthcare institutes, and essential convenience stores.

According to a representative of the HCM City Department of Information and Communications, all information will be recorded and transferred to relevant authorities for handling as an emergency situation.

The portal has received over 7,800 useful information updates from residents throughout the city so far, all of which have been transferred to the corresponding localities for handling. 

Source: Vietnam News

Fixing technological vulnerabilities and fighting coronavirus

Fixing technological vulnerabilities and fighting coronavirus

Although the VHD, NCOVI and Bluezone apps have helped people make health declarations, there are still loopholes that allow people to avoid the declarations.

Bluezone helps saves resources to fight against Covid-19

Bluezone helps saves resources to fight against Covid-19

If this app is deployed on a large scale enough, Bluezone will help save huge social resources and cost to fight Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam, as well as help the economy resume operation under the new normal state.