Around 2,700 local houses are inundated with 2,000 ones flooded by more than one metre.

Ha Tinh and Phuong My in Huong Khe District have been hardest-hit as almost local houses and crops are flooded. Some areas are even five metres under water.  

Ha Linh Commune’s nursery school 

Phuong My Commune people’s committee headquarters 


Over the past three days, Nguyen Thi Binh’s family in Phuong My Commune has been isolated while their reserved food and drinks are going to run out of. 

Kitchens are flooded so people mostly use processed foods for their meals. 

Rafts used to hold reserved foods and essential utensils 

Many families use rafts as their temporary house 

Poultry have taken to the second floor of their house to avoid being drowned 

Trees become the shelter for chickens

Phuong My Commune is expected to face the inundation for at least one week to come if there is not any additional rain

Tien Hiep