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The beneficiaries include workers whose labour contracts are suspended or those who have to leave their jobs without any salaries at firms, public and private primary and secondary educational establishments during the time of temporary closure to curb the spread of the pandemic.

An estimated budget of 33.6 billion VND (1.46 million USD) is set to support 50,000 people.


The VGCL also asked the Government to add more pandemic-hit workers into the list of beneficiaries.

It put forward assistance in cash for workers who had to stop working in over two weeks for they must stay in concentrated quarantine facilities, at their accommodations or sealed off areas.

Some 60 billion VND sourced from the State budget will be earmarked for 60,000 people from June 1 until the end of this year.


Vietnam expects to send 90,000 laborers overseas in 2021

Vietnam expects to send 90,000 laborers overseas in 2021

Vietnamese labor export firms are working hard to find more contracts and markets.