TP.HCM xin Thủ tướng chi viện nhân lực chống dịch Covid-19

In a letter signed by HCM City Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong to the Prime Minister, the city said it needed 927 doctors (including 150 resuscitators and 777 doctors for examination and treatment); 4,137 nurses and technicians (including 400 resuscitation nurses, 50 laboratory technicians, 50 radiology technicians and 3,637 patient care nurses).

For the work of taking samples for testing, the city proposed having an additional 2,000 employees with relevant expertise.

In addition, HCM City Vice Chairman Duong Anh Duc signed an urgent document to the Ministry of Health asking for the ministry to mobilize medical staff at HCM City-based hospitals managed by ministries and state agencies to assist the city in epidemic prevention and control. Specifically, the number of medical staff to be mobilized is 1,000 doctors, 4,000 nurses and technicians.


So far, the Ministry of Health has mobilized 1,936 medical staff from 25 hospitals, and 1,601 lecturers and students to assist HCM City in fighting the epidemic.

Social distancing rules in HCM City will be further tightened to contain the spread. Even travelling inside the quarantine centres and lockdown areas will also be tightened. Fewer services will be allowed to open and people to travel.

Checkpoints leading into HCM City will only clear business vehicles, buses carrying people to their hometowns, and transportation trucks with approved QR codes.

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'Four-level' hospital strategy helps HCM City battle coronavirus pandemic

'Four-level' hospital strategy helps HCM City battle coronavirus pandemic

Nguyen Tri Thuc, director of the Cho Ray Hospital and HCM City COVID-19 Rehabilitation Hospital, has outlined a coronavirus treatment strategy to help limit the development of serious symptoms and reduce pressure on medical facilities.