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Over 2,500 workers upset after Taiwanese boss ran away

2,500 workers of Kai Yang Company in Kien An District have stopped working and are angry after their boss suddenly disappeared from the area.

The workers arrived at the company at 7 am, August 12, as usual, but they were shocked after seeing that the doors were sealed and all operations halted.

An hour later, several sections started to open but the workers became even more confused after knowing that their boss had disappeared.


They haven't received last month salary and there are still problems with their social insurance for the first months of 2019.

According to the workers, the company had always paid salaries on time and they still had orders from customers and everything operated normally as of August 11.

On the same day, Kien An District authorities announced that the leaders of the mother company in Taiwan would arrive in Vietnam on August 14 to discuss salaries and the maintenance of operations in Vietnam.

KaiYang Company came into operation in 2005. It specialises in making footwear for exports. In 2016, workers held a strike over bonuses and time off. Dtinews