Hai Phong City People's Council has approved of the resolution during a recent session. The city will start exempting school tuition fees for pupils from primary to secondary school from 2020-2021 school year and for high school students from 2021-2022 academic year.

Free education is given to children at nursery schools set up or licensed by Hai Phong City authorities, as well as secondary or high school students that have permanent residence, temporary registration or police's confirmation about their lives in Hai Phong.

Nursery children will be given financial support for 12 months a year and nine months a year for secondary, high school and further education.

It is hoped that the programme will be a motivation for the students to study harder, support for low-income families and to attract a skilled workforce to come and stay in the city.

The policy will help low-income people better access public services including education and healthcare and become a driver for development. Vietnamnet/Dtinews

Hai Phong to offer free education

Hai Phong to offer free education

Hai Phong is planning to provide free education to all pupils from preschool to high school level including further education.