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The move aims to measure the spread of COVID-19 in the province to help it respond better to the disease while identifying safe areas to boost economic recovery.

People targeted by the testing are divided into three groups: the high-risk group who are people from Chi Linh and Hai Duong cities, and Kim Thanh and Cam Giang districts; the medium-risk including people from the districts of Kinh Mon, Nam Sach and Binh Giang; and the low-risk comprising those from Ninh Giang, Thanh Ha, Tu Ky, Gia Loc and Thanh Mien.


Hai Duong now has six labs for COVID-19 testing using Realtime-PCR, located in the provincial Centre for Disease Control, General Hospital, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Children’s Hospital, Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Hospital, and the Hospital of Hai Duong Medical Technical University.

The province is now capable of collecting 50,000 to 60,000 samples and processing as much as 8,500 individual test samples on a daily basis. The results normally come out after 24 hours.

Hai Duong recorded 625 cases of COVID-19 as of 16:00 on February 23, making it the hardest hit by the pandemic in the country to date./. VNA

Hai Duong hotspot: unsold chickens are being used to feed fish

Hai Duong hotspot: unsold chickens are being used to feed fish

Farmers in Yet Kieu commune, the largest chicken breeding center in the north which can provide 100,000 birds a day, are facing serious problems because of restrictions on travel to other areas because of a Covid outbreak in the province.