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Four suspects are arrested for trafficking women into China (Photo:

The border forces stationed at Ma Lu Thang border gate were able to arrest a group of five, including four women and one man, as they were making an attempt to cross a stream that separates Vietnam and China at 8:30 on May 21.

Once at the police station, the four women claimed that they were sold into prostitution in China.

The male suspect was identified as Doan Xuan Vinh, 20, of Hoang Yen village, IA Phin commune, Chu Prong district, Gia Lai province.


Upon being questioned, Vinh confessed that he had originally been hired by a man named Phuc to traffick the four women into China.

Five days previously, Vinh handed the women over to an individual known as A Chang who took them to massage parlours to work. When Chinese police launched an investigation into the locations, Vinh was ordered to return the four victims to Vietnam in order to hide from authorities.

Based on Vinh’s testimony, the authorities were able to arrest three other suspects involved in the case.

They include Ly Chinh Hung, 29, of Lai Chua province, Le Trong Phuc, 26, of Gia Lai province, and Lo Thi Huong, 19, of Dien Bien province.

The police are now expanding their investigation into the case.