Among them are notable regulations such as a fine of up to VND3 million (nearly $150) for maltreating domestic animals like dogs and cats; amendments to the 2021 high-school exam regulations; and a new form for the health insurance card.

The Government’s Decree 14/2021/ND-CP on administrative sanctions on livestock production will take effect on April 20. Under this degree, administrative fines of VND1-3 million ($50-$150) will be imposed on acts of beating or cruelly torturing pets and domestic animals.

Slaughterhouses that beat animals or beat animals after fainting will be fined from VND3 to VND5 million ($150-250).

Domestic animals under the current rules include cattle, poultry and other animals in livestock, including buffaloes, cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, geese and ducks.

The humanitarian treatment of livestock was included in the 2018 Livestock Law.

The new form of health insurance card, with many improvements, began on April 1.


The new model health insurance card has a compact size similar to a citizen's identity card and some banks' ATM cards, and is laminated and convenient for preservation and use.

The card number is 10 digits, instead of 15 characters as the current one. This helps to reduce the number of characters the participant needs to declare when looking up data on the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) Portal or when completing procedures to request continued participation in health insurance or card re-issuing or exchange; and checking the cost of medical examination and treatment covered by health insurance on the VSS portal.

The back of the new model health insurance card has specific instructions on how to use the card, helping participants to clearly understand how to look up information about the card and their entitlements; and how to contact the social insurance agency for guidance and receive answers about difficulties or problems.

Thanh Nam

Fresh policies take effect in March

Fresh policies take effect in March

The new regulations are on compulsory civil liability issuance, jobs subject to early retirement, and dimensional poverty line for 2022-2025.