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The ultimate goal of economic growth is to improve conditions and improve the quality of life of the people.

The ultimate goal of economic growth is to improve conditions and improve the quality of life of the people. Implementation of social security policies, therefore, is aimed at ensuring the distribution of economic growth gains in the direction of ensuring social justice and harmonizing the interests among social actors and groups and creating social consensus.

The view of the Party and State on social security

Ensuring social security is a consistent and consistent policy of our Party and State in leading the country. During more than 30 years of renovation, although the country still faces many difficulties, the social security policy has always received special attention.

Resolution No. 15-NQ / TW, June 1, 2012, of the Central Executive Committee Session XI "A number of social policy issues for the period of 2012-2020" has confirmed: Continue to improve lives material and spiritual benefits for people with meritorious services, ensuring that families of people with meritorious services have a living standard equal to or higher than the average living standard of people in the area. By 2020, basically ensure the social security of the entire population, ensure a minimum level of income, education, health, housing, clean water and information and communication, contributing to gradually raising incomes. , to ensure the safe, equal and happy life of the people.

The Constitution of 2013 for the first time affirmed basic social security rights for people. Article 34 states: "Citizens have the right to social security" and Article 59 stipulates: "The State creates equality of opportunity for citizens to enjoy social welfare and develop the social security system. Assembly ”.

The revised Labor Code (2012) enhances the State's support for disadvantaged workers in the market through supportive employment policies. The Employment Law (2013) expands opportunities for employees to participate in unemployment insurance (employees working in enterprises with labor contracts of 3 months or more are required to participate in unemployment insurance. ).

human rights,economic growth,vietnam

The amended Law on Health Insurance (2013) expands the subjects of the State's support for joining the health insurance system. illustrative photo.

The amended Law on Health Insurance (2013) expands the subjects of the State's support to participate in health insurance. The amended Law on Social Insurance (2014) expands the compulsory social insurance participation for employees working with contracts of 1 month or more; completing the voluntary social insurance regime in a flexible and suitable manner with employment conditions and income of workers in the informal sector; encourage the informal sector workers to participate in social insurance.

The Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress of the Party continues to affirm: ensuring social security is one of the key tasks in the new period; continue to perfect social security policies in accordance with the process of socio-economic development; expand the object and improve the effectiveness of the social security system for all people, aiming at the goal of implementing the entire people's social security;


encourage to enhance the ability of each citizen to ensure social security; closely associate economic policies with social security policies, economic development with raising the quality of life of the people, ensuring that the people can enjoy better and better results of the renovation process. , building and developing the country.

Some solutions in the near future

According to Mr. Nguyen Trong Dam, former Deputy Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs: In order to promote the implementation of social security policies, ensure social progress and justice, in the coming time, attention should be paid. Implement some of the following solutions:

Continue to improve the legal system in a streamlined manner, reducing overlapping. Prioritizing the completion of policies for the poor, ethnic minority people and poor areas, with special difficulties, avoiding raking, providing support according to needs and creating motivation to strive for beneficiaries and encourage people are proactive and self-assured. Increasing the participation of the community and businesses in the policy-making process.

Regarding mobilizing resources, giving priority to the central budget to fully and promptly implement policies to support disadvantaged groups, ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities and disadvantaged areas. Best. Strengthening socialization, continuing to mobilize resources from the people, encouraging the business community to actively participate in social security, sponsoring vulnerable people. Promote international cooperation, take advantage of technical and financial support of international organizations, NGOs, communities, businesses and individuals abroad.

human rights,economic growth,vietnam

Prioritizing the completion of policies for the poor, ethnic minority people, poor areas, and the areas of special difficulties. Photo: LAD

Regarding the improvement of management efficiency, ministries, branches and localities promptly issue documents guiding the implementation of policies. Well implementing administrative reform, simplifying procedures, posting publicly and giving specific instructions to the people. Socialize public service delivery, separating the object management function from the payment function. Promote the application of information technology in the management and implementation of business processes; building a national database system for people with meritorious services and social security and a set of social security indicators.

Strengthen inspection and supervision. The National Assembly and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front coordinate with socio-political organizations and relevant units to participate in supervising the implementation of undertakings and policies towards people with meritorious services and guarantees. Social Security; promote the implementation of the Grassroots Democracy Regulation and strengthen social criticism. Complete the monitoring and supervision system for each field, strictly implement periodic reporting, continuous and accurate updating of data through management levels; do not approve and provide funding when failing to report fully, accurately and promptly.

Strengthen information, propaganda, raise awareness of the people, the role and responsibilities of the State, businesses and socio-political organizations. Update information about policies and legal documents through different channels, in many different forms.

Disseminate introduction of management models, models of effective service delivery, "good people, good deeds" examples, poverty reduction and social security models ..., encouraging weak subjects self-rise to ensure social security, overcome dependence on the support of the State.

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