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For over 30 years of Doi Moi, ensuring and promoting human rights has made great achievements, which are important for the cause of building socialism and protecting the country.

The consistent viewpoints of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the State of Vietnam on ensuring and promoting human rights have been deeply understood and implemented thoroughly by the Party Committees and administrations at all levels, creating fundamental and positive changes in the entire political system.

The documents of the XII CPV Congress defines: Exercising human rights, basic rights and obligations of citizens in the spirit of the 2013 Constitution; attaching rights with responsibilities, obligations, upholding social morality. The Party and the State have mechanisms and policies to protect and ensure the good implementation of human rights and citizens' rights, in the direction of: attaching importance to the care of happiness of comprehensive development of people, protecting and ensuring legitimate rights and interests of the people, respecting and implementing international human rights treaties on human rights that Vietnam has signed.

Recently, the Conclusion of the Secretariat of the XII Party Central Committee on the continued implementation of Directive No. 44-CT/TW, dated July 20, 2010 of the Secretariat of the X Party Central Committee on human rights tasks in the new situation clearly stated: Institutionalizing the Party's line, the legal system has been gradually improved, especially the National Assembly passed the 2013 Constitution, which creates a solid legal basis for the protection and enforcement of human rights and for prevention and handling of violations of human rights.

At present, the impact of the socialist-oriented market economy and international integration on human rights assurance, firstly, goes in a positive direction, such as: Improving social-economic conditions to promote human rights assurance and resolution; developing in the direction of diversifying human rights needs and new challenges to ensuring human rights; creating favorable opportunities for Vietnam to develop rapidly and sustainably the economy - a necessary condition to ensure human rights; contributing to changing legal thinking on human rights; promoting the work of ensuring human rights in line with international laws and practices, thereby human rights are guaranteed not only at the national level but also at the international level; friends in the world understand Vietnam's human right achievements; and Western countries have to adjust their attitudes and policies on Vietnam's human rights issues, basically in the direction of cooperation.

human rights,vietnam,doi moi

Along with promoting social equality, the enjoyment of human rights of the people in all areas has significantly improved. Illustrative photo 


The process of innovation has led to both negative and positive impacts on the implementation of human rights, such as: widening the gap between the rich and the poor, underlying inequalities in the human rights assurance process; the manifestation in a diverse and sometimes fierce manner of many old and new issues related to the guarantee of human rights (land and real estate rights; protection of rights of working, employment and occupation; protection of consumer rights; environmental rights; intellectual property rights; rights of expatriates residing in Vietnam and overseas Vietnamese; increasing the role of national and international non-governmental organizations in dealing with human rights issues; rights of gay people...).

As the economy is gradually changing in terms of growth model, especially with comprehensive results in the socio-economic fields in 2018 and the initial results of anti-corruption, people's beliefs has been strengthened, creating an exciting atmosphere in the whole society. Vietnam's sustainable development index in 2017 increased by 20 levels to 68/157 countries and territories. Social security is guaranteed; the rate of poor households according to multi-dimensional standards has decreased to about 7.2%. The number of people participating in social insurance reaches 13.5 million, unemployment insurance participants reach 11.4 million; and health insurance coverage is 83% (6).

Achievements in national development have created material conditions and resources to respect, ensure and better promote the basic rights and freedoms of the people. The material and spiritual life of the people has clearly improved. Along with promoting social equality, the enjoyment of human rights of the people in all areas has significantly improved.

These achievements are recognized by the international community, especially in the field of assurance, promoting sustainable poverty reduction and the rights of vulnerable groups. Over 30 years of Doi Moi, ensuring and promoting human rights has achieved great achievements, which are important for the cause of building socialism in Vietnam.

However, besides the achieved results, the reality is still posing a lot of tasks, many issues that are needed to be done by the authorities at all levels in order to maximize the people's sovereignty, ensuring and promoting better human rights and citizens' rights to contribute to the realization of the goal “rich people, strong country, and democratic, fair and civilized society”.

17 Sustainable Development Goals for the period of 2015 - 2030

Poverty eradication in any form, everywhere
Hunger eradication, ensuring food security and nutrition improvement, sustainable agricultural development.
Ensuring a healthy life and improving well-being for people of all ages.
Ensuring quality, open and fair education and improving lifelong learning opportunities for all.
Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.
Ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water resources and improving sanitation conditions for all.
Ensuring access to energy with reasonable prices, reliability, sustainability and modernity for everyone.
Promoting long-term, open and sustainable economic growth, full employment and productivity and good work for all.
Building solid infrastructure, promoting open and sustainable industrialization, encouraging innovation.
Reducing inequality within and across countries.
Building cities and residential areas that are open to everyone, safe, secure and sustainable.
Ensuring sustainable consumption and production models.
Taking urgent measures to combat climate change and its impacts.
Conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.
Protecting, regenerating and encouraging sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably managing forest resources, combating desertification, preventing soil erosion and biodiversity imbalance.
Promoting a peaceful and open society for sustainable development, bringing equity to all, and building effective, responsible, and open institutions at all levels.
Promoting ways of implementing and revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development.

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