Education Ministry,suitable tuition fee,online teaching,during Covid-19 closure

Additionally, nonpublic schools are not allowed to collect tuition fee if they didn’t offer distance learning.
Schools must be transparent in collecting tuition fee and negotiate with parents upon the matter.

For public schools, during the closure, they are permitted to collect tuition fee only when they provided online teaching or extra-classes.

Collection of tuition fee must adhere to the decision of people’s councils in provinces but not exceed the amount regulated by the government’s resolution 86/2015 for preschools, continuing education, and high schools, universities and colleges.


Provincial people’s councils will decide the collection basing on people’s committees’ proposal according to the Education Law 2019’s article 6.

Extra tuition fee for schools’ education activities will be used and managed as per the circular 16/2018.
Payment of fees must be based on the principles of sharing difficulties of schools and parents but it is not permitted to exceed the total collection negotiated between schools and parents. Moreover, schools must consider exemption for poor students.

The Ministry also urged local administrators to strengthen inspection of tuition fee collection and harsh punishment will be imposed on school leaders and local education authorities if there is overcharging.
Private schools must re-pay tuition fees and other charges in advance for the closure time, they must re-fund it to parents in the end of the academic year. SGGP

Uyen Phuong